when you did something wrong, but felt bad for it after x

Hi! I’m Monica, and I am an NYU student who is writing a master’s thesis discussing the popularity of KPop in South American nations/societies. I was wondering if you could spread the news to any South American BlackJacks who would be willing to participate in online interviews! I’m trying to get a large group of fans for ethnographic research in hopes of showcasing some of the voices of actual fans within the thesis. I hope some wonderful tumblr BlackJack fans could join in! =D

Help this girl. I’m not South American so.. :\

Message her if any of you are South American!

Korean celebrities doing the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge"

cl’s hand rejected from seungri

CL slaying the stage. (x)

bommie x hayi


"CL hates her fans."

"CL does not care about her fans"

"CL never waves to her fans"l

our goddess maknae